You are a member of the People. A Stone Age tribe that consists of many matriarchal bands that share a culture and environment. You were raised in the Band of Wise Mother a group of around 30 adults, plus children of various ages. Your earliest memories are of spending your days gathering food with the women of the tribe, and nights listening to stories by fire light.
Around your fifth year you were honored before the tribe when the elders presented you with your first knife. The knife is sacred, for as the bear has his claw, and the eagle his talon, so the man has his knife. With a knife a man can survive alone, for he can use it to make tools, slaughter game, and defend himself if necessary.

After that, you spent your days running around with the older boys. Each day your task was to gather wood for the tribal fire, but you also fed yourself, and practiced the skills of manhood. Each night the tribe gathered around the fire for the main meal, and afterwards there were often stories or dancing. Sometimes matters of importance were discussed at length, though you knew better than to speak up at such times.

During the winter months your tribe would join the great conclave, 100s of bands like yours assembled together at the Sacred Caves to share food and work together to survive during the lean months.

Stone Age: Primal Doom